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Peter Potter - High street, Barmby on the Marsh

Well known and liked village "celebrity", Peter
supplies all our 'game' requirements whenever
in season.

Ian Fenton - Hales farm, Drax
Local Beekeeper, Ian supplies our Honey and
associated products.

Anna's Happy Trotters - Burland, Howden
One of only a few totally free-range pig
breeders in England, Anna supplies all our Pork.

Steve Langley Photography
Steve has been taking pictures of people for
nearly 20 years and has gained a great reputation,
which we can highly recommend.

Parkins Butchers - Market place, Howden
Father and son run family butchers with extreme
"gift of the gab" supply venison and
other specialist meats.

Chalkleys fruit and Veg - Brayton, Selby
Jason visits Hull market daily and supplies all
our fresh, local fruit and vegetables.

West Bank Hall Farm - Carlton, Selby
Joe and Martin Hird exclusively supplying us
with free range lamb and mutton.

Field and Fawcett wine merchants - Grimston bar, York
Peter has put together our extensive wine menu,
using his knowledge and expertise in this field.
Ensuring our customers have a good choice of
wine and each is a suitable companion for the
various dishes we produce.

Norstar Trading Limited
Delivers our fish requirements twice weekly,
supplied fresh from the key side at Hull.


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